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Hi-Vis Truck Driver Clothing: Why Do You Even Need One?

High-visibility clothing, a crucial aspect of truck driver clothing, plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety of truck drivers, especially those working in potentially hazardous environments like busy roadsides.

This type of clothing is designed to make the wearer more visible to others, particularly in low-light conditions, thereby reducing the risk of accidents. 

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) 107 standard and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules set specific guidelines for high-visibility clothing. 

These standards are essential for truck drivers, as they often find themselves in situations where being seen is a matter of safety and compliance.


What are the ANSI Class 2 Requirements?

The ANSI Class 2 requirements are a set of standards designed to ensure high visibility for workers in environments where there is a significant presence of moving vehicles. The reflective vest, a key element of Class 2 garments, features reflective bands around the chest and shoulders for enhanced visibility. These requirements are especially relevant to truck drivers who work on roadsides.

Class 2 high visibility apparel is designed for environments where traffic moves at speeds of 25 to 50 miles per hour. This is a common scenario for truck drivers during roadside operations, like loading or unloading cargo. 

truck fleet driver with high visibility vest

The high-visibility clothing under ANSI Class 2 helps to make them stand out against complex backgrounds and in diverse light conditions, which is crucial for their safety.

The key elements of Class 2 garments include:

  • Bright Colors: These garments are typically available in fluorescent colors like yellow-green, orange-red, or red. These colors are easily noticeable and stand out in most environments.

  • Reflective Material: Class 2 garments have reflective bands around the chest and shoulders. This reflective material bounces back light, making the wearer visible even in low light conditions.

  • Minimum Coverage Area: There is a minimum requirement for the amount of background material and reflective material. This ensures that a significant portion of the garment is always visible.

  • Sleeves: While sleeves are not mandatory for Class 2 garments, if they are present, they must have reflective bands to increase visibility.

  • Design: The design of these garments is such that they provide a good fit while allowing for freedom of movement, which is essential for truck drivers during their work.

By adhering to these requirements, truck drivers can significantly reduce their risk of accidents and injuries while working in areas with moving vehicles, thus ensuring their safety and compliance with safety regulations.


The OSHA High-Visibility Clothing Standards

Under the General Duty Clause, OSHA mandates that employers provide high-visibility clothing to prevent workplace accidents and injuries. OSHA sets crucial standards for high-visibility clothing to ensure the safety of workers, including truck drivers. These guidelines require that the clothing be highly visible, a key factor in preventing accidents in high-risk environments. 

Adherence to these standards is critical to prevent serious physical harm in high-risk environments. Non-compliance can result in not only increased safety hazards but also legal consequences and financial penalties. 

Especially in high-traffic areas or places with poor lighting, wearing the correct high-visibility clothing is essential to minimize the risk of imminent danger, ensuring both personal safety and adherence to workplace safety regulations.


Benefits of Hi-Vis Clothing for Truck Drivers

High visibility safety apparel is essential for truck drivers for many reasons:

  • Safety as the top priority: The main goal of high-visibility clothing is to keep drivers safe. Being easily seen by others can prevent accidents.

  • Reduced accident risks and improved visibility: These clothes make drivers more visible to others on the road, especially in bad weather or at night, reducing the chance of accidents.

  • Protection against harsh weather conditions: High-visibility clothing often comes with features that protect against bad weather, like rain or cold.

  • Enhanced professionalism and public image: Wearing the right clothing not only keeps drivers safe but also shows that they are professionals who care about safety. This can improve how the public sees them and their company.


Why ANSI Class 2 is Crucial for Truck Drivers

truck driver hi vis vest

ANSI Class 2 garments are very important for truck drivers, especially those who work on roadsides. Here are specific reasons why these garments are essential:

  • Visibility in Traffic: Truck drivers often work near roads where cars and trucks are moving fast. Class 2 garments are designed to be very visible, so drivers and other workers can be easily seen. This is crucial for preventing accidents.

  • Recognition in Low Light: These garments are also important in low light situations, like early morning or evening. The reflective parts on the clothing shine when light hits them, making the person wearing them stand out.

  • Safety in Emergency Situations: In emergencies, like a breakdown or an accident, truck drivers need to be outside their vehicles. Class 2 garments help other drivers see them clearly, reducing the risk of further accidents.

  • Compliance with Safety Rules: Many places have laws that say truck drivers must wear high-visibility clothing. Wearing Class 2 garments means following these rules and avoiding fines or penalties.

  • Improved Safety during Roadside Work: When truck drivers are loading or unloading cargo on the roadside, or doing maintenance work, these garments make sure they are seen by passing vehicles, increasing their safety.

In scenarios like working on highways, in areas with lots of traffic, or during times when it's hard to see, like foggy or rainy weather, Class 2 garments are not just helpful, they are often a must-have for safety. These garments play a big role in making sure truck drivers can do their job safely.


Choosing the Right Hi Vis Clothing for Truck Drivers

Selecting the right high-visibility clothing is important for truck drivers to ensure their safety. Here are some tips to choose the appropriate hi-vis clothing:

  • Check for ANSI Class 2 Certification: Ensure the clothing meets ANSI Class 2 standards. This certification means the clothing has the right level of visibility for truck drivers.

  • Select the Correct Size: The clothing should fit well. Too loose, and it may get caught on objects; too tight, and it could restrict movement.

  • Look for Comfort and Durability: Choose garments made from comfortable, breathable, and durable materials, as truck drivers often wear these for long periods.

  • Consider Weather Conditions: If you're working in a cold or wet environment, look for clothing with weather-resistant features.

  • Prioritize Easy Maintenance: Opt for clothing that is easy to clean and maintain, as hi-vis garments need to be kept bright and visible.

Fonirra: Your Go-to Store for Premium Quality Class 2 Garments

fonirra class 2 hivis vest

Fonirra is an excellent choice for truck drivers looking for high-quality Class 2 high-visibility garments. Here's why:

  • Wide Selection: They offer a range of ANSI Class 2 certified garments, ensuring safety and compliance.

  • Durability and Quality: Their garments are made to last, perfect for the demanding conditions truck drivers face.

  • Comfort and Fit: Comfort is key for long hours on the job, and Fonirra's garments are designed with this in mind.

  • All-Weather Options: Whether it's hot, cold, or rainy, Fonirra has garments suitable for any weather.

  • Easy to Maintain: Their clothing is easy to clean, keeping its high-visibility features intact.

  • Great Customer Service: Fonirra is known for helping customers choose the right garment for their needs.

Choosing Fonirra means investing in your safety with quality and reliable high-visibility clothing.



High-visibility clothing is essential for the safety and professionalism of truck drivers, especially those working on roadsides. Understanding and adhering to OSHA and ANSI Class 2 standards is crucial. 

Choosing the right hi-vis clothing, such as those offered by Fonirra, ensures not only compliance with safety regulations but also enhances the overall safety and visibility of truck drivers in various working conditions. Remember, the right high-visibility gear is a vital investment in your safety on the road.


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