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Safeguard Your Workplace Safety with these Class 2 High Visibility Shirts

In many workplaces, being seen is not just a matter of standing out; it's a crucial safety measure. This article explores the universe of high visibility (hi vis) t-shirts, particularly focusing on Class 2 safety shirts.

These shirts are not just a piece of clothing; they are an essential part of your safety gear, ensuring you're visible on the job site. Let's dive in and understand why these shirts are so important and what makes Class 2 shirts stand out.


Understanding High Visibility Standards

High-visibility clothing is designed to make sure workers are easily seen in various environments. These clothes are especially needed in places where there's a lot of movement or machinery.

There are three main classes of high-visibility clothing: Class 1, 2, and 3. Class 1 offers the least visibility and is suitable for areas with the least traffic and slow-moving vehicles. Class 3 provides the highest level of visibility, ideal for high-risk areas like major highways.

Class 2 strikes in the middle of both classes. Class 2 hi-vis shirts should offer enhanced visibility for areas with heavier traffic and more complex backgrounds than those needing just Class 1, but not as much as it's needed by Class 3 clothing.

ANSI Standard

Learn more about ANSI standards: A Deep Dive into the ANSI ISEA 107-2020 Standards


Key Features of Class 2 High Visibility Shirts

ANSI/ISEA 107 is the standard guiding the design and use of Class 2 high-visibility clothing. Let's break down what a Class 2 hi-vis shirt looks like.

  • Design and Material: Class 2 shirts are made with bright, eye-catching colors like neon yellow or orange. They also have reflective tape to make sure you're seen in low-light conditions. The tape is placed around the middle in a way that makes you visible from all angles. Many of these shirts come with long sleeves for additional coverage, but short-sleeved versions are also available for warmer conditions.

  • Moisture Wicking and Comfort: These shirts are often made with moisture-wicking material, keeping you cool and dry on the job. The fabric is breathable, and some designs include a black bottom to hide dirt and stains, maintaining a professional look.

  • Additional Features: Features like pockets for small tools, a place for your logo, and options for custom designs are also common. They come in various styles, including options with a cooler fabric for hot days.

Why Need Class 2 High Visibility Shirts in the Workplace?

In many job environments, visibility is a matter of safety. Places like construction sites, road work areas, and other active job sites require workers to be easily seen. Class 2 high visibility shirts make sure workers are seen clearly by drivers, machine operators, and other workers, reducing the risk of accidents.


Fonirra's Range of Class 2 High Visibility Shirts

Fonirra offers a range of Class 2 High Visibility Shirts, with various color selections. Our shirts are manufactured with strict quality control measures to ensure safety and visibility for your use. 


Fonirra's Hi-Vis shirts' key features:

  • Standards:¬† Adheres to ANSI/ISEA¬†107-2020, Type R, Class 2 standards.¬†
  • Safety and Visibility: The¬†2-inch reflective strips¬†provide all-around visibility, ensuring safety in different lighting conditions.
  • Functional Design:
    - Pockets: practical front pockets
    - Black color combinations: providing color contrast and protection against stains, for a cleaner and more professional look. 
  • Comfort and Material: Crafted from a lightweight birds-eye knit polyester mesh fabric. The material is moisture-wicking and breathable, making it ideal for extended wear.
  • Versatility: Perfect for a variety of work environments including construction, road work, and forestry, as well as for recreational activities like night walking, running, and cycling.
  • Easy Care: The shirt is machine washable. For best results, wash and iron inside out in cold water on a low heat setting, and hang to dry.
  • ¬†


    Here's our selection of Class 2 High Visibility Shirts:

    Short sleeved

    1. T001 High Visibility Safety Shirts Reflective for Men Hi Vis Construction Work T-Shirt


    2. T003 Safety Shirts High Visibility Reflective with Pocket Hi Vis Work Shirt Short Sleeve


    3. T2202 High Visibility Safety Shirts for Women Reflective Construction Work T Shirt



    Long sleeved

    1. T004 Hi Visibility Work Safety Shirt with Pocket Reflective Long Sleeve Work Shirt


    2. T005 Hi-Visibility Safety Shirts In Black Reflective Construction Long Sleeve


    3. T2210 Type R HI VIS WORKWEAR SAFETY Long Sleeve Shirt

    4. Fonirra T2205 ANSI/ISEA Class 2 Hi Vis Long Sleeve Safety Shirt For Women


    The range of Class 2 High Visibility Shirts from Fonirra, including the T2210 and T005 models, offers a perfect blend of safety, comfort, and functionality for various workplace environments.

    These shirts, meeting the ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 standards, ensure enhanced visibility and protection, making them a vital part of any safety-conscious worker's wardrobe.

    The moisture-wicking fabric, SPF protection, and practical design features like front pockets and a range of sizing options further emphasize their utility and adaptability.

    Whether for construction sites, road work, or other high-risk areas, these high-visibility shirts are a wise investment for anyone seeking to combine safety with comfort and style.

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