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Hi Vis Polo Shirts: A new summer product that combines safety and fashion

With the arrival of summer, in order to ensure the safety of workers and outdoor participants. Our store has launched Hi Vis Polo Shirts, which are not just ordinary hi vis clothing, but also a combination of fashion and practicality. Whether it is a construction site, logistics transportation, or outdoor sports, this high-visibility Polo shirt can provide excellent high visibility and comfort.


Advantages and Why Choose The Hi Vis Polo Shirts


**1. High visibility: **

Our Hi Vis Polo Shirts use high-specification fluorescent fabrics, combined with reflective strips. After testing, long-sleeved polo shirts can achieve class 3 reflective performance, even short sleeves can reach class 2, comply with ANSI/ISEA 107-2020, Type R, Class 3 standards. 2-inch reflective strips cover the shoulders, waist, back and arms, provide enhanced 365° reflectivity, which can ensure that users can be clearly seen during the day and at night when the light is insufficient. This Polo shirt can provide excellent safety and practicality, reducing the risk of accidents.



**2. Comfortable and breathable: **

The temperature is high in summer, and wearing non-breathable clothes for a long time can easily cause discomfort, so our Polo shirts are made of highly breathable fabrics, Made with 55% Viscose Made from Bamboo, 45% Polyester, and quick-drying technology can also quickly absorb sweat and keep the skin dry, so that you can still feel comfortable even in a high temperature environment and improve work efficiency.

 breathable fabric hi vis shirts

**3. Fashion design: **

In addition to practicality, we also pay attention to design. Hi Vis Polo Shirts combines the traditional polo shirt collar elements. It is said that polo comes from polo, and some people call polo an elegant sport. In this elegant sport, Polo must also be suitable. Only when the left and right fits can you be flexible and free in sports, and the appearance is generous and decent. With 3-button placket and contrasting black knitted spread colla,A front chest pocket provides convenient storage for your work essentials. Black bottoms half for enhanced color contrast and stain protection.This Hi Vis shirt keeps the wearer safe and in style.Whether worn in the workplace or in daily life, it can show professionalism and fashion.

 hi vis shirts collar

 Use scenarios of HI Vis Polo


**1. Construction sites and factories:**

The reflective fabric is fluorescent and eye-catching during the day, and at night, the reflective material on it is reflective, all for the purpose of being easily discovered by others and increasing one's own safety, so it is required to be worn at the construction site. Strictly speaking, this is mandatory, but the unit decides which grade to wear.


High-quality reflective shirts, some of which can reach 100 meters, must be worn by construction workers who need to work at night. Otherwise, in a working environment with many machines such as trucks, forklifts, cranes, tower cranes, etc., workers are easily injured.


**2. Logistics and transportation:**

Workers in the logistics and transportation industry also work in weather conditions with insufficient light. For example, during transportation, they stop to check during the night, or during the delivery process after getting off the vehicle, they can all play a role. The highly reflective Polo shirt can not only provide high visibility, but also take into account the comfort during long hours of work.


**3. Outdoor activities and sports:**

Whether it is morning jogging, cycling or other outdoor sports, Hi Vis Polo Shirts are indispensable safety equipment. Its breathable and quick-drying properties allow you to always stay in the best condition during exercise.



Although the clothes have physical antibacterial and anti-odor effects, in summer, people usually change clothes every day. So we also launched a promotion with discounts for buying multiple pieces, and the more you buy, the more discounts you get. Our Hi Vis Polo Shirts are now on sale. Welcome to visit our website to browse and purchase, and provide a safety guarantee for yourself and your team in the summer.

100 cotton hi vis polo shirts

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