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Summer Hi-Vis Shirts: Your Ultimate Guide to Staying Safe and Cool

safety vest and hi vis shirts reflective clothing

As summer gets hotter, the days get longer, staying cool and visible is important, especially for people that working in construction site and complex traffic roadside. When working outdoors, you should be prepared to prevent heatstroke and cool down, arrange your working hours reasonably, try not to work outside at noon, and bring anti-heatstroke medicine and replenish water in time to avoid heatstroke. Of course, choosing a good outdoor workwear is also very important, Among the many work clothes, High-visibility (hi-vis) shirts play an important role in many jobs, However, not all hi vis shirts are suitable for you, and choosing the right one for summer can make a significant difference in comfort and safety. Here’s a guide to help you select the best hi-vis shirts for the hot summer day.


Why Hi-Vis Shirts?

Hi-vis shirts are designed to make the wearer stay safety in low-light conditions or among busy environments. They are typically made with fluorescent colors like neon yellow, orange, or lime, and reflective strips to enhance visibility. Compared to hi vis jacket, hi vis shirt obviously is more suitable for hot summer, and compared to safety vest, hi vis shirts are more skin-friendly and suitable for direct wear.

Key Features to Look for in Summer Hi-Vis Shirts

Breathable Fabric

Opt for shirts made from lightweight, breathable materials like polyester mesh or moisture-wicking blends. These fabrics help you stay cool by allowing air to circulate and sweat to evaporate quickly.

breathable men's sleeveless shirt

UV Protection

Long-term direct sunlight in summer can easily damage the skin and even cause skin cancer, so high visibility shirts with built-in UV protection are a great choice, especially long sleeve. Look for fabrics that offer a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating of 30 or higher.

Reflective Strips

Class 2 Class 3 Reflective shirt has high-quality 2" wide reflective strips along the waist,chest, shoulders and back which provide 360°protection. Designed to meet the ANSI 107-2020 Type R compliant standards, you are supposed to experience ultimate safety

reflective tape hi vis shirts

Comfort and Fit

A good fit is crucial for both comfort and safety. It is very soft, lightweight, absorbent & launders well. This unique let you stay cool, keeping you dry and comfortable.

Light color

Choose yellow and orange reflective clothing, Light colors can effectively reduce the absorption of sunlight by clothes and reflect some light. Compared with dark clothes, they can reduce the rate of temperature rise on the body surface.

Top Summer Hi-Vis Shirts Recommendations

1. Fonirra T001 Class 2 High Visibility T-Shirt

  • Material: Lightweight, breathable polyester mesh
  • Features: Moisture-wicking, reflective stripes, UV protection
  • Pros: Affordable, comfortable, excellent visibility

2. Fonirra T003 Class 3 Hi Vis T-Shirt

Class 3 hi vis Shirt

  • Material: 100% breathablepolyester mesh
  • Features: High breathability, moisture-wicking, ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 3 compliant
  • Pros:class 3, durable, high visibility

3. Fonirra T004 Class 3 Reflective Long Sleeve

long sleeve high visibility shirt

  • Material: 4.76-ounce polyester bird’s-eye knit
  • Features: stain release, reflective stripes, long sleeve
  • Pros: Durable, comfortable, class 3

4. Fonirra T2205 Class 3 Long Sleeve For Lady

hi vis summer safety shirt for women

  • Material: Polyestermesh fabric
  • Features: Stylish, reflective stripes, long sleeve, black bottom
  • Pros: Budget-friendly, stylish

5. Fonirra T004-1 Class 3 Hood Reflective Long Sleeve Shirt

construction work safety shirt

  • Material: Lightweight mesh polyester
  • Features: ANSI/ISEA 107 Class 3compliant, moisture-wicking, UV protection, Hood, black bottom
  • Pros: Lightweight, excellent visibility, UV protection, Hood

Care Tips for Hi-Vis Shirts

  • Regular Washing: Dirt and grime can reduce the visibility of the fluorescent fabric and reflective strips. Regular washing helps maintain their effectiveness.
  • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Bleach and fabric softeners can degrade the materials and reflective strips. Use mild detergents and follow the manufacturer’s care instructions.
  • Inspect for Wear and Tear: Regularly check for rips, tears, or fading. Replace shirts that no longer meet visibility standards to ensure safety.


Choosing the right hi-vis shirt for summer day involves balancing visibility, comfort, and safety. By considering factors like breathable fabrics, UV protection, and reflective properties, you can find a shirt that not only keeps you safe but also helps you stay cool and comfortable during the hottest months. Whether you’re on a construction site, busy traffic roadside, or working in any environment where need visibility, the right hi-vis shirt is an good choice among your summer safety gear.

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