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Choose A Right Class 2 Or Class 3 Safety Shirt Against Danger And Summer

Construction is one of the most dangerous and hard industries in the world. Every construction site faces a new set of challenges, difficulties and dangers


Workers on construction sites need to wear reflective clothing for the following reasons:


Improve visibility

In low-light environments, the highly reflective material of reflective clothing can provide better visibility. Whether it is day or night, it can make it easier for other workers, vehicles and equipment to notice them, and reducing the probability of accidents.


Improve safety

There are many vehicles and mechanical equipment on the construction site. If sufficient warning measures are not taken, it is easy to cause collisions and injuries. The eye-catching characteristics of reflective clothing can enable workers to be quickly detected, reduce the risk, and protect the lives.


Improve business brand image

Each construction unit on the construction site can customize reflective clothing according to its own company name. The clothes can have the company's LOGO and abbreviation, which is conducive to improving management level and enhancing the company's image. At the same time, wearing a reflective vest customized by your own unit is also conducive to distinction and management.


Reflective clothing has various styles according to different seasons, different temperatures and different environments, including reflective vests, reflective jackets, reflective hoodies, etc. Reflective clothing also has strict classification of reflective ability, class 1, class 2, class 3. Facing the upcoming hot summer, how to ensure safety while taking into account sun protection and comfort. Class 2 Class 3 mesh breathable hi vis safety shirt may be an option you can't miss


What is class 2 class 3 and how they are classified, check this article: ANSI Class 1 vs. Class 2 vs. Class 3: Understanding the Differences


In Summer How To Dress Properly Safety Shirts


  1. Wear long-sleeved clothing

Wearing a long-sleeved safety shirt can cover more skin and reduce direct sunlight exposure. Choose light, breathable and ultraviolet (UPF)-resistant materials so that you can protect yourself from the sun without feeling too hot.

hi vis safety shirt in yellow

  1. Choose sun-protective clothing

There are many sun-protective clothing designed for outdoor work on the market. These clothes usually have a UPF rating and can effectively block ultraviolet rays. Make sure to choose those marked with UPF 30 or above.

  1. Choose clothing with appropriate colors

Light-colored clothing reflects sunlight, while dark-colored clothing absorbs heat. Choosing light-colored and UV-resistant clothing can reduce the accumulation of heat in the body to a certain extent.

  1. Pay attention to the density of the fabric

The higher the density of the fabric, the better the sun protection effect. Choose work clothes with tightly woven fabrics to increase the sun protection effect.


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