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Winter Hi Vis Jacket Lining: Differences Between Coral Fleece, Shu Velveteen, and Polar Fleece

  Polar Fleece and Shu Velveteen Garments

Both polar fleece and coral fleece are typically made from pure polyester and are well-suited for making pajamas, although coral fleece is more commonly used for this purpose because it is softer and has longer fibers. Polar fleece fibers are processed by a shaking process in a fleece factory, which makes them slightly rougher compared to coral fleece.


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Shu Velveteen

Shu Velveteen is a type of coral fleece, but coral fleece usually comes in two varieties: 150D/288F and 150D/144F, whereas Shu Velveteen is typically 200D. The main difference is that Shu Velveteen has longer fibers, a higher weight, and a softer feel, hence it is also known as long-hair coral fleece.

  1. Shu Velveteen is made from a single-cell fiber that is thickened and elongated from the surface cells of cottonseed embryos. Its main component is cellulose, with some varieties containing over 90% cellulose. Fibers longer than 13mm are used for spinning, while shorter ones are used as cellulose elements.
  2. Shu Velveteen is produced by small to medium circular knitting machines using polyester yarn, followed by brushing and dyeing processes.
  3. Shu Velveteen is similar to polar fleece in that it has a silky texture and good insulation properties, making it suitable for thermal underwear and plush toys.
  4. Although Shu Velveteen is similar to polar fleece, it is more costly and has a higher success rate, gradually replacing polar fleece in the market.
  5. Due to its affordable price and high quality, especially its softness, Shu Velveteenis ideal for face towels, as it does not cause discomfort when used on sensitive skin.

 cold weather soft fleeece lined workwear

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Coral Fleece

Coral fleece is named for its dense, coral-like fibers that provide excellent coverage, resembling the soft and vibrant appearance of living coral. It is a new type of fabric with fine fibers and a low bending modulus, giving it outstanding softness.


**Fabric Characteristics**:

- Fine texture and soft feel

- No shedding or pilling

- No fading

- Excellent water absorption, three times that of cotton products

- Non-irritating to the skin and hypoallergenic

- Attractive appearance and rich colors

- A new alternative to traditional cotton bathrobes in foreign markets


**Washing Instructions**:

- Wash in cold water

- Use a laundry bag if not using a drum washing machine

- Wash dark colors separately in cold water for the first time; light colors can be machine-washed


 Polar Fleece

Polar fleece is a newly developed thermal fabric that is processed by shaking acrylic knit fleece. It has a thickness comparable to traditional all-cotton knit fleece.

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**Fabric Characteristics**:

- Dense and fluffy fibers that do not shed or pill easily

- Shorter fibers with clear and fluffy texture

- Excellent elasticity

- Exported baby bedding made from polar fleece undergoes special anti-static treatment and is non-toxic, non-irritating, and static-free

- Soft feel, non-irritating to the skin, warm, and breathable, making it an excellent material for cold weather protection


**Washing Instructions**:

- Polar fleece products are typically washed with water using mild alkaline or neutral detergents

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