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Plus Size Work Clothing for Tough Conditions - The 2024 Guide

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Finding safe and comfortable clothing for work can be challenging, especially if you are plus size. Most companies that carry High-Viz clothing don't have plus-sized people in mind, and the result is often ill-fitting reflective gear that leaves you feeling uncomfortable.


Plus-sized reflective clothing is a necessity for employees' safety.

Wearing reflective clothing is essential, if not required, for people working in various industries and conditions. Many of these industries will involve workers performing their jobs outside, meaning they may need to dress in layers to stay comfortable. If you are one of these workers, you will want to ensure that you choose the right clothing size. As a rule of thumb, you will want to purchase your reflective clothing a size larger than you usually wear to accommodate the extra clothing choices.

 reflective safety jacket size chart

OSHA Thermal Class 3 Type R Hi Vis Jackets Black

Plus-sized clothing options

Reflective clothing is more than just a safety feature. With a wide variety of high-viz clothing options, you can find the perfect fitting outfits.

  • Reflective jackets - Reflective jackets are an excellent option for anyone who needs to be seen on the job while the weather is less than ideal. Jackets may need to be purchased a size larger than usual to allow for fitment over your warm undergarments.
  • Reflective vests - As with most of the clothing in this guide, reflective vests can be worn over other clothing--so they're great options for workers who don't need to wear their reflective clothing at all times. For example, a safety inspector or foreman that travels from job site to job site or a manager who primarily works in an office.
men‘s safety vest size chart
  • Reflective shirts - These are great to help you be more visible while remaining comfortable during the warmer parts of the year. But if you want your shirt to be even more breathable, check out reflective shirts made from spandex and other fabrics that allow air to pass through them easily. When choosing your perfect reflective shirt, consider how you will wear it. You could purchase your standard size and have a comfortable-fitting shirt for when it's warm out, or you can buy a larger size for when you dress in layers.
hi vis construction shirt size chart
  • Reflective pants - Reflective pants are available in multiple different styles and colors, so you can find exactly what you need. Not only do they provide extra safety features that other types of garments don't have (like reflective strips), but they also keep workers warm while working hard during cold weather seasons like winter or fall, where temperatures drop significantly below freezing points! Remember that if you plan on layering up against the cold, you may need to purchase a size larger than usual.

Here's a collection of all our plus size high visibility clothes.  


There are more plus-sized options than there were even five years ago.

Many companies have begun to realize that it's not enough to make clothes for larger people; they need to make clothes that fit larger people correctly while looking good on their bodies. They must cater to all sizes of people, not just those who can force their figure into an XXL shirt. This epiphany is leading manufacturers and suppliers to offer more styles in larger sizes that don't require alterations or unique ordering processes. This change ensures that you will have reflective clothing that fits your body like it is supposed to.

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Now that you understand what to look for when searching for plus-size work clothing, it's time to start shopping. Don't forget that your first stop should always be Fonirra! After all, if you can't find the right hi-vis clothing here, then maybe it doesn't exist yet.

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