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Construction Clothing for Women - Best Practices and Selection Guide


Women make up a larger percentage of construction workers now, more than ever before. In fact, it's estimated that female construction workers account for as much as 10% of the construction industry workforce. As with their male counterparts, women construction workers need the right construction clothing to ensure their safety in dangerous conditions. Choosing the right high-visibility safety clothing is essential, but it can be difficult to find construction clothing for women that fits and functions properly. Following are some best practices and a guide to help you choose the right safety clothing for your needs.

What Type of High Visibility Clothing Do Women in Construction Need?

While every job site has its own requirements for construction clothing for women, there are some basic pieces that should be a part of your wardrobe for work. A good pair of steel-toed boots with non-slip soles, gloves, and safety goggles should always be worn. You'll also want to invest in hi vis construction clothes. These include:

High-Visibility Safety Shirts for Women

Although fluorescent yellow and orange are the most common colors for high-visibility gear, pink is also an option for women, as long as you can get away with wearing hi vis apparel that is not ANSI/ISEA-107 compliant. Our women's hi-vis construction shirts meet OSHA standards for reflectivity and they're also moisture-wicking. They're also cut to fit a woman's body better than a man's shirt.

High-Visibility Women's Safety Vests

Because mesh vests are cool, comfortable, and easy to wear, they're ideal for female construction workers who work in warm environments or outdoors. The breathable mesh allows air to flow through without sacrificing safety. Safety vests also allow you to wear hi vis clothing on top of your existing, more stylish clothes without making it hard to move around. Ladies should consider what they will be wearing under safety vests before choosing the right size. It's safe to pick one that's one size larger than your usual choice.

High-Visibility Safety Jackets for Women

Working outdoors exposes construction workers to the elements and protection is necessary. A waterproof, windproof, and breathable jacket helps keep workers safe and comfortable. Multiple pockets also make it easier to carry tools and equipment in hi vis jackets.


    How to Choose the Right Hi-Vis Construction Clothing for Women

    When choosing any type of women's construction clothing, the fit is extremely important. For many years, women had to settle for men's safety clothing for protection. The problem is that men's and women's bodies are built differently, and men's wear just doesn't fit right. It's more than a minor problem too. Oversized or ill-fitted clothing can create a host of safety hazards for women. That's why our women's safety wear is specially designed and cut to fit properly. To ensure your construction clothing fits properly, follow these best practices:

    Find the Right Fit

    It's important that your safety clothing fits well. Too loose and the material can get caught in equipment, snag on materials, or shift and literally fall off. Be sure to choose the right size for your body. You should be able to move freely without your clothing being disturbed.

    Choose High-Quality

    Your well-being and safety are the most important things to consider on a construction site. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in high-quality construction clothing that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

    ANSI Safety Standards

    No matter what type of construction clothing for women you're looking for, make sure that it meets ANSI standards for safety. This includes having the appropriate percentage of the reflective area and the right high-visibility background color.

    Express Your Personality

    You don't have to give up your flare for fashion just because you work in construction. Choose a color that suits your feminine side! All our hi vis safety gear for women comes in pink, with black accents while still providing exceptional visibility.

    Where Can I Buy High-Visibility Women's Construction Clothing?

    As a woman working in construction, you know how tough it can be. It's not only the physical work that's hard, but finding safety clothing that meets ANSI standards, fits well, and looks good is also difficult. We understand and that's why we offer a line of women's hi-vis safety clothing to keep you safe. You can rest assured that everything we sell is made of the highest quality materials and that it will last. The fit of our women's construction clothing is superior, thus ensuring you won't have to worry about a poor fit.

    Contact us at Fonirra to learn more about construction clothing for women, or for assistance choosing the right safety clothes for you. Or, if you know what you need, go ahead and place an order and we'll ship your items out quickly so you can get to work without worry. We also offer wholesale and custom-made safety clothing to suit your entire crew.

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