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What is cationic fabric and its pro & cons? why we choose it for work clothes.

Fonirra 2024 new sun protection work clothes, What is cationic fabric and what are its pro and cons? After reading this, you will know why we choose it for work clothes.


Soft, comfortable and wear-resistant

Compared with traditional fabrics, cationic fabrics are soft and fluffy in texture, soft and comfortable to the touch, and will not irritate the skin and make people feel uncomfortable. In order to make the clothes more elastic, we add 5% spandex to the fabric. The elasticity of spandex is very high. Generally, 100% polyurethane is not used in products. Instead, the ratio of 5 to 30% is mixed in the fabric to obtain various spandex fabrics. They all have a comfortable elasticity of 15% to 45% and are also used in underwear and underwear. At the same time, the wear resistance of cationic fabrics is also very good. After adding some artificial fibers such as polyester and spandex, it has higher strength and better elasticity, and its wear resistance is second only to nylon.

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Sun Protection Hoodie UPF 30+ Long Sleeve

Environmentally friendly, healthy and multi-purpose

    Cationic fabrics are produced from environmentally friendly raw materials, so there will be no negative impact on the environment during the fabric production process. In addition, due to its unique properties, cationic fabrics will not generate static electricity because the surface resistivity of cationic fabrics is extremely low, which can effectively prevent the generation of static electricity, thereby effectively reducing the growth of dust and bacteria, and is more suitable for use in some specific working environments, such as Chemical companies, petrochemical companies, boiler rooms, fire extinguishing systems, oil loading, gas stations, pharmaceutical industry clean workshops, printing and dyeing factories, pressure piping systems, industrial metal making industries, and also meet human health needs.

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    Bright colors and more choices

      When cationic fabrics are weaved and processed, the dye can fully penetrate into the entire fiber, making them bright in color, durable, and not easy to fade. In today's era of diversified colors, this bright and vivid color is deeply loved by young people.


      Shading and heat insulation, sun protection and ultraviolet rays

        Because cationic fabrics are rich in cations, they can better resist the entry of external light and isolate ultraviolet rays when made into products such as clothing. Our work clothes reach UPF30+ sun protection level.

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        1.Fabric is expensive

        Cationic fabrics basically have no shortcomings, except that the production cost is higher than polyester fabrics.


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