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Safety for Her: The Rise of Women's Safety Wear in Male-Dominated Industries

In a world where industries are constantly evolving, the spotlight has turned to the overlooked sector of women's workwear in male-dominated fields like construction and manufacturing. Staying safe while at work is paramount, and the right workwear can be the difference between a regular day at work and an unfortunate mishap.

In this quest for safety and functionality, women have faced numerous challenges in finding workwear that suits them, often resorting to wearing ill-fitted and uncomfortable gear. Let's dive into this journey of evolution in women's safety wear.


Evolution of Women's Safety Wear

Women have increasingly become a part of the workforce in construction and manufacturing, sectors once dominated by men. Despite the rise in their participation, ladies have had to navigate through several hurdles.

Challenges faced by women in finding suitable safety wear

  1. Size and Fit: Traditional workwear, designed with men in mind, often ends up being too long for women, causing discomfort and posing safety risks.

  2. Lack of Variety: The limited availability of women's workwear in online stores and physical shops makes it difficult to find suitable options.

  3. Expensive Alternatives: Women often find themselves having to alter expensive work clothing to fit properly, which not only adds to the cost but also may compromise the integrity of the safety gear.

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Differences in Women's Safety Wear Designs

Traditional safety wear, crafted with a 'one-size-fits-all' approach, often fails to meet the requirements of a diverse workforce. It's clear that a shift is necessary to stop ruining the work experiences of many.

  1. Fit: Women's safety wear, such as Fonirra's pink safety jacket, is designed to naturally hit the contours of a woman's shape, ensuring it isn't too long for women and provides maximum breathability.

  2. Comfort: The use of materials like stretch duck canvas in pants makes it comfortable for women on and off duty days. The design considers the need for extra room in certain areas without compromising on the authentic utility found in traditional workwear.

  3. Aesthetics: With offerings like high-visibility safety vests and jackets, brands are adding a touch of style to women's workwear, blending safety with aesthetics. Fonirra's pink jacket is not just work-worthy but also caters to a sense of business casual fashion.


The Growing Demand for Women's Safety Wear

Women's increasing presence in traditionally male-dominated industries has led to a growing demand for tailored safety wear. From construction sites to home remodelling projects, women need attire that aligns with their work environments while ensuring safety and comfort.

The need for safety wear that accommodates the female physique is evident. Safety vests, EMT pants specifically designed for women, and safety glasses with polycarbonate lenses are all part of the durable workwear ensemble that is now sold exclusively for women.

From classic relaxed fit t-shirts to hi-vis jackets, the shift towards creating authentic utility in women's safety wear is crucial for those striving to stay safe and efficient in their roles.

female construction worker with pink hi-vis jacket 


Brands Leading the Way

Several companies have acknowledged the demand for women's workwear and are making strides in providing tailored safety gear. Here are three brands leading the way:

1. Fonirra

Fonirra is known for its range of safety wear designed explicitly for women working in challenging environments. Their Hi-Viz Safety Jacket for Women stands out for its warmth and visibility.

The brand offers jackets like the Fonirra Hi-Viz Safety Jacket with Reflective Liner ANSI Class 3 Bomber Work Jacket, designed for maximum visibility and warmth in outdoor, low-light settings.

2. Carhartt

Carhartt is a well-established brand that has expanded its line to include women's workwear, blending durability with comfort.

Their range includes stretch duck canvas pants and jackets, ensuring comfort while maintaining the authentic utility that the brand is known for.

3. Duluth Trading Company

Duluth Trading Company is recognized for its practical and durable workwear that caters to both men and women. Their women's line includes everything from work gloves to EMT pants specifically designed for a woman's shape, ensuring both safety and comfort on the job.


Special Features in Women's Safety Wear

Women have voiced their opinions about the state of safety wear available to them. Reviews of products such as Fonirra's pink safety jacket provide valuable insights.

Fonirra's Pink Jacket Reviews:

Customers appreciate the jacket for its warmth, suitable for very cold temperatures and outdoor work environments. The distinct bright pink colour is a hit, aiding visibility and helping wearers stand out, especially in male-dominated settings.

What to Look for in Women's Safety Wear:

  • Functionality: Women seek workwear that is durable and tailored for their roles, from high-visibility jackets to EMT pants that accommodate movement and provide necessary utility.

  • Style: There is a desire for safety wear that doesn't compromise on aesthetics. Items such as Fonirra's pink safety jacket cater to this need by offering a vibrant colour.

  • Fitting: Women desire safety wear that naturally fits their body shape, ensuring comfort and safety without having to resort to alterations.


The Impact - Enhanced Performance and Safety

The introduction of tailored women's safety wear has not only revolutionized the work experience for long women who often found traditional workwear too long but has also led to enhanced performance and safety. Clothing that naturally hits the right contours and fits well is not a mere fashion statement; it plays a pivotal role in ensuring safety on the job.

A safety vest designed with the right fit and material allows for unhindered movement, ensuring that women can perform their tasks efficiently. Authentic utility in workwear, achieved through thoughtful design, ensures that the gear serves its primary purpose of safety without compromise.

For instance, a safety vest or a T-shirt made from a material like denim, known for its durability, paired with safety glasses equipped with polycarbonate lenses, offers protection and ease of movement simultaneously.



As the need for tailored women's safety wear gains momentum in male-dominated fields, products like Fonirra's Pink Waterproof High Visibility Safety Jacket For Women stand out. With winter approaching, staying warm and visible is crucial.

FONIRRA Hi-Viz Safety Jacket for Women with India | Ubuy

This jacket, with its ANSI Class 3 rating, ensures visibility in low-light conditions while keeping you dry and warm. The thoughtful inclusion of pockets and mic holders enhances functionality.

The evolution in women's workwear, exemplified by products like this, paves the way for a safer and more efficient workspace.

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