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Ultimate Guide to Black Reflective Rain Jackets(ANSI)

With all the dangers surrounding working at a construction site, you need to ensure you're always visible. Not only that, you also need to stay warm in harsh weather conditions. That starts with staying dry, as any moisture in or on your clothes can quickly turn into ice.

We know that some of you aren't exactly fond of wearing bright yellow insulated work clothes all day, however. That's where owning a black hi-vis jacket comes into play. You get to look cool and stay warm. Best of both worlds!

Let's explore the top five black reflective rain coats that seamlessly merge style with safety. Perfect for those rainy workdays!

1. High-Visibility Safety Sweatshirt Reflective for Men - Hi Vis Fleece Hoodie (Fonirra)

hi vis hoodie in dark and bright conditions

For those chilly mornings or unexpected rain showers, this hi-vis insulated rain jacket is your ideal companion. With its 100% polyester composition, it promises both warmth and water-resistance. The fleece lining adds that extra layer of snugness that’s often missing in standard safety rain gear.

But there's more. This hi vis jacket isn’t just about comfort. It’s also about ensuring you're noticeable even in the murkiest of weather. Boasting an ANSI Class 3 certification, it's equipped with all the reflective capabilities you’d need on a construction site to enhance visibility.

If you’re in search of a safety raincoat that guarantees both warmth and high visibility, this one's a strong contender.

2. JK51 ANSI Class 3 Men's High Visibility Winter Safety Jacket (Fonirra)

winter hi vis fleece coat

Incorporating a dashing blend of black and yellow, this hi vis winter coat adds a touch of flair to the standard high vis outfit. Staying true to safety standards, this piece of high visibility rain gear isn't just about the looks. Adhering to essential safety norms, it's ideal for anyone working under potentially risky conditions.

And guess what? It caters to everyone. From Small to 5X-Large, there's a fit for every construction worker out there. When it comes to merging style with the best hi vis rain gear features, this jacket sets a benchmark.

3. [Extra 20% off] ANSI Class 3 Fleece Lined High Visibility Waterproof Jacket (Fonirra)

safety jacket specifications

Winter winds and sudden showers won’t stand a chance against this jacket. Crafted from waterproof and windproof 300D Oxford cloth, it promises protection against the elements. And when the visibility drops, the 2-inch high-visibility fluorescent reflective strips ensure you're always seen, making it the perfect high visibility raincoat for those gray, overcast days.

Ideal for construction workers, surveyors, or emergency responders, this is one of the warmest hi vis jackets out there. it combines robust protection with the best high visibility rain gear features, ensuring you remain on top of your game regardless of the cold weather.

4. ANSI Class 3 High Visibility Fleece Thermal Hi Vis Bomber Jacket (Fonirra)

hi vis jacket design

Constructed with a durable 300D oxford outer shell and fortified with a PU coating, this high vis raincoat promises to shield you from wind and rain. With its 2" wide reflective tape strategically placed on the waist and arms, you're guaranteed maximum visibility even when daylight fades.

Catering to a range of professionals, from the busy construction worker to the diligent survey crew and emergency responders, it offers a blend of comfort, style, and, most importantly, safety.

5. Fdx 360° Black Reflective Waterproof Cycling Jacket (FDX Sports)

biking jacket

Although primarily designed for outdoor enthusiasts, this lightweight reflective rain jacket shouldn’t be overlooked by construction professionals. Not officially ANSI/ISEA-107 certified, but it still shines (literally) with its 360 Hi-Viz reflective design.

Being 100% waterproof, with breathable air vents and adaptive fittings, it's perfect for those after-work activities. Whether you're cycling home post-shift or indulging in a jog, this black raincoat with reflective strips ensures you remain seen.


There you have it – five black hivis jackets that blend style, comfort, and paramount safety. For those in the construction industry, staying visible is a non-negotiable aspect of day-to-day life. And now, you can do it with flair.

If you're keen to dive deeper into the world of high-visibility clothing, don't miss our in-depth pieces on choosing the right high-visibility clothing and understanding ANSI/ISEA standards.

Until then, gear up, stay safe, and make a style statement with these awesome black safety jackets tailored for the modern construction worker!

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