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How to Choose the reflective clothing

The full name of reflective clothing is "reflective warning clothing", and the official name is "high-visibility warning clothing for occupations", referred to as warning clothing. This is a specially designed garment that uses fluorescent materials and reflective materials to enhance the wearer's visibility in high-risk environments and play a warning role.

In recent years, reflective clothing has been widely used in public security, traffic police, sanitation, fire protection, rescue, road construction, aviation ground handling, petroleum and petrochemical, construction, mining, express delivery, takeaway and many other industries, providing solid and effective outdoor practitioners in these industries personal safety protection.

Reflective vests everywhere
Reflective clothing is already very common for everyone.

The ones I saw the most were the traffic police, wearing yellow reflective coats and directing traffic at a certain intersection. There are also sanitation workers on the road, wearing yellow reflective vests, cleaning the road early in the morning. There is also the takeaway guy, wearing a reflective jacket and riding an electric scooter, flashing past your eyes.

In addition to these ubiquitous scenes, there are many places, and more and more people use reflective clothing.

Such as school. In order to protect the traffic safety of primary and middle school students, it is clear that reflective cloth should be sewn on school uniforms. Since this standard is not a mandatory requirement, it has not been paid attention to before. With the improvement of everyone's safety awareness, many schools have equipped reflective school uniforms. There are also some careful parents who will prepare reflective clothing for their children in kindergarten to make them travel safer.

For example, a private car. The best new car factory must be equipped with a reflective vest. For safety reasons, many drivers also consciously put reflective vests in the car. In case of car breakdown or traffic accident, put on the reflective vest before getting out of the car, so as to ensure the safety of everyone and themselves.

There are also some sporting goods and fashion consumer goods, and more and more reflective materials are used, such as cycling clothes, sportswear, jackets, etc., which not only bring fashionable and trendy elements, but also achieve the purpose of highlighting the product personality, making the above products Have more recipients and likers.

The use of reflective clothing
In recent years, with the advancement of reflective fabric technology, all kinds of reflective clothing have taken into account the comfort and practicality of clothing while maintaining a good reflective effect. Reflective clothing is also gradually expanding from the professional protective market to the consumer market.

Of course, reflective clothing is different from ordinary clothing, and more attention should be paid during use.

In the national reflective clothing standard, the performance and test methods of clothing materials and reflective materials are clearly stipulated. For example, color fastness requirements, mechanical performance requirements, including breaking strength, bursting strength, tearing strength, etc. have clear indicators.

Considering the comfort and safety of the wearer, the standard also stipulates the moisture permeability requirements and ergonomics requirements of fluorescent materials.

A good reflective clothing is not only exquisite in materials and exquisite in workmanship, but also delicate in use.

Such as washing. Poor reflective clothing is useless after a few washes. Good reflective clothing is more washable and can usually be washed 25-50 times. As the number of cleanings increases, the glass beads on the reflective material will gradually fall off, and the reflective warning effect of the reflective clothing will gradually decrease. Therefore, the reflective clothing does not need to be washed frequently, just wipe it with a damp cloth when it is dirty.

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