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Safety Of Reflective Vest

Recently, in order to ensure the safety of grassroots workers working at night, the gas station of the oilfield oil and gas gathering and transportation plant specially issued reflective vests for every habit of small shift workers, so that workers can go to work at night during work, and remind vehicles to ensure workers' work Safety.

The reason for the release of the vest is because the leadership of the pressure station found that certain vehicles were often found on the road due to reflective warning signs or opening the vehicle for maintenance without warning lights, causing normal rear-end vehicle rear-end collisions, resulting in serious accidents, Reflects the importance of reflective warning signs. Therefore, they believe that business night shift personnel often work late at night. If they wear reflective vests, the reflection of the bright vests will prompt the vehicle driver to find the front of the pedestrian, slow down in time, and actually consider the driver. The reflective vest is equivalent to setting a warning card for the safety of workers to increase insurance.

Some employees have repeatedly praised this: "Leaders want to be really considerate, and wearing a reflective vest can make them feel at ease even if they take a walk at night." With this kind of leadership, we're sure to give it our all, and we're at the forefront of job security.

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All our high visibility workwear are produced strictly according to standards European EN13688,EN ISO20471, EN343, EN11611, EN11612, EN1149; American ANSI/ISEA 107-2015, Canadian CSA Z96-15 and Australian AS/NZS 1906.4, AS/NZS 4602.

As a safety apparel manufacturer and exporter,which eastablished for 20 years.Any question about us or product,please send inquery and email to contact us


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