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Introduce the knowledge of reflective materials

Reflective materials are mainly used in the production of various reflective signs, vehicle license plates, safety facilities, etc., which are brightly colored during the day and play an obvious warning role at night or in low light conditions.

The bright reflective effect can effectively enhance people's recognition ability, make the target visible, and cause alertness, so as to avoid accidents, reduce casualties, reduce economic losses, and become an essential road safety guard with obvious advantages. social benefits.

Public security reflective materials are mainly used for reflective cloth, reflective lattice, reflective inkjet cloth, etc. Civilian reflective materials are mainly reflective cloth, reflective lattice, reflective inkjet cloth, etc. , is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and sales of various types of reflective materials.

It is a company integrating scientific research, development, production, processing and sales. Its reflective series products are widely used in various fields of traffic safety and personal outdoor sports products, such as traffic signs, clothes, sports shoes, hats, bags, umbrellas, raincoats, tents, bicycles and other outdoor products.

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