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How To Buy A Reflective Clothing

Tips: There are "six things to do" when buying reflective clothing.

First depends on the purpose. Reflective clothing is divided into three grades. The higher the environmental risk factor, the higher the corresponding grade of reflective clothing.

The second depends on the brightness. For good reflective clothing, the safe distance of reflective brightness can reach 300 meters, and most cheap reflective clothing is far below this standard.

Third depends on the fabric. For example, fluorescent yellow fabrics should be eye-catching during the day, and the brightness can meet the standard after washing and exposure to the sun. Good fabric and comfortable to wear.

Fourth, look at the version. The version of the standard reflective clothing is straight, straight and smooth, which is eye-catching.

Fifth depends on the brand. Big brands and big manufacturers have mature and standard production technology systems, and the quality is guaranteed, so you can buy with more confidence.

Sixth depends on the service. Reflective clothing can be customized, and the company name can be printed on it. Manufacturers with poor service will have rough printing and damage the company's image.

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